Dairy wellness is evolving. Are you keeping up?

Zoetis  |  August 26, 2020
Dairy wellness is evolving. Are you keeping up?

As a dairy producer, you’re 100% committed to the health and wellbeing of your herd. You’re aware of the critical role of udder health and the damaging impact that mastitis can have on your herd and your bottom line. But science and best health practices evolve every day and it can be hard to keep up. That’s why Zoetis has created The Udder Way.


The Udder Way is a Zoetis initiative that gives Canadian dairy producers new opportunities to improve the udder health of their herds, to help drive higher levels of production. The Udder Way provides producers with up to 3 free, on-farm udder health training sessions from their veterinarian, along with supporting training materials. Sign up for The Udder Way and take your herd health expertise to another level!


The initiative is designed to be straight-forward and easy-to-follow. It includes a comprehensive range of support materials, including milking sample kits, trial product, the OrbeSeal cost advantage calculator, the Zoetis Milk Flow Guarantee, “how to” materials and training certificates.


To participate, please register at orbeseal.ca or simply call Zoetis Programs at 1-877-788-2119 and we’ll take everything from there!


Zoetis Canada is committed to supporting producers and veterinarians throughout the current situation while maintaining public health guidelines for the benefit of our fellow Canadians. Where governmental and veterinary association regulations permit, Canadian veterinarians wishing to participate in The Udder Way initiative may be able to make on-farm visits, depending on local conditions, while respecting all health-related guidelines. During this period, we invite Canadian dairy producers to register for The Udder Way and let us take care of the logistics.

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