Genomics for your herd’s future

Zoetis  |  October 5, 2021
Genomics for your herd’s future

For nearly a decade, Zoetis has continued to develop and offer new genomic evaluation technologies to improve animal health and the profitability of dairy farms. As a part of a larger commitment to invest in prediction and prevention within the Continuum of Care - Zoetis Canada is pleased to announce a renewed partnership with Holstein Canada.

Holstein Canada recently reported plans to modernize their genetic and genomic services for the benefit of members and clients, with the goal of delivering a first-class solution –to become the preferred unbiased partner for all genetic planning needs while remaining at the forefront of genetic data ownership and protection.

This long-term strategic initiative is focused on accelerating the adoption of genomic testing in order to help producers increase the effectiveness of genetic selection and herd management decisions.

This partnership holds the promise of leading to many exciting developments.

For further information on the partnership, read the Holstein Canada press release here.