A Perfect Pair - Guarantee

Zoetis  |  November 17, 2021
A Perfect Pair - Guarantee


Zoetis will support reasonable and appropriate diagnostic and treatment costs if a horse properly vaccinated with one of our Fluvac® Innovator or Core EQ InnovatorTM products contracts a disease covered by that product within one year of vaccination.


  1. The horse must be vaccinated by a Canadian licensed veterinarian with an established veterinarian-client-patient relationship. Administration must be in accordance with the vaccine label.
  2. The veterinarian or the veterinary clinic must be the primary point of contact for this support program to be valid and must contact Zoetis regarding the illness within 48 hours of becoming aware of the case. Zoetis will direct all requests from horse owners, breeders, etc. to the vaccinating veterinarian, who in turn must file the support request on their behalf.
  3. At the time of the support request, the veterinarian is required to collaborate with Zoetis Technical Services to establish an appropriate and reasonable diagnostic and treatment regime. Zoetis Technical Services will document and report the event to the appropriate regulatory agencies as required and in compliance with Zoetis policy. To contact Zoetis Technical Services, call 1-800-461-0917.
  4. The veterinarian must submit a copy of medical records pertinent to the case, including vaccine brand, serial number and date of vaccination, to Zoetis Technical Services.
  5. Support requests involving foals less than six months of age, or involving onset of disease within three weeks of completing the initial immunization series, are not covered.
  6. Support will only be given to horses that have remained within Canada and/or the US.
  7. The horse must have received an age-appropriate, initial vaccination series per the vaccine label. A Zoetis vaccine must be the most recent vaccine used in the series.
  8. The guarantee does not include any other adverse events associated with vaccine administration.

All payments made under the Immunization Support Guarantee may require a signed consent form from the veterinarian and/or the horse owner. Maximum payment for any given case is $10,000 in Canadian funds, and does not include loss of use, loss of life, or loss of registration.

Zoetis reserves the right to modify this guarantee at any time.

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